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All our window and door products feature insulated glass units (IGU). Insulated glass units are available in dual or triple pane combinations. All IGUs are warrantied for seal failures lasting a period of 20 years, which is the highest standard in the fenestration industry. The insulated glass unit thickness depends on the type of product and combination, varying from 0.708” to 1.417” (18 - 36 mm). The thicknesses of the glass panes used range from 3/32” to ¼” (2.3 – 6.0 mm) and are offered as annealed, heat treated, tempered or laminated. Double and/or triple pane units are available with different types of coated glass (LoE), colors (tints), or patterns. All glass units on exterior exposed surface come with a NEAT® coating which allows fast and low maintenance cleaning.


The gaps within the insulated glass units are created with the most energy efficient spacer systems available: stainless steel INTERCEPT UltraSpacer®, Endur, and organic SuperSpacer®. Space(s) between the glass can be filled with dry air; spaces can also be filled with argon or a mix of argon/krypton gases improving thermal and acoustical parameters.


In favor of enhancing window/door appearance or functionality, our customers may add decorative grids or blinds: both options are sealed within glass units and never require cleaning.
All glass units are produced under the highest industry standards. All IGUs are frequently electronically checked for their quality to ensure best performance.

Advanced Window Corp. is certified by Keystone Certifications Inc. as an insulated glass manufacturer under American National Standard Institute (ANSI) program for insulated glass unit producers.




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